Our Festival Symbols represent the 4 different elements from which you will benefit by attending Wander Wild this March. First up is the MIND, prepare yours to be awakened by nature, immersed in culture and inspired by speakers over a weekend of outdoor experiences, exhibitions, great food, music and film.

On Friday night join best-selling writer and raconteur Michael Harding for what promises to be an evening exploring the human condition and the ultimate bliss of living in the present moment.

Not to be missed is the Pushing Limits Podcast hosted by Shane Finn, Ireland’s foremost Fitness Podcast. For the festival, Shane will host a LIVE edition and invites ordinary people with extraordinary stories onto the couch in the historic and enlightening setting of St. Mary’s church of the Sloes.

Be part of the Sustainability Forum or wander through a choice of photographic exhibitions in exquisite locations around the town. In the evenings Killarney really comes alive with an “almost” guilt free Food Trail where emphasis is on sustainability followed by live entertainment in a number of venues and a “festival vibe” throughout the town.