Event Day: Sunday

Location: Wellness Hub, Killarney Plaza Hotel

Event Provider: Shells Yoga


Event Time: Sunday 7am

Event Duration: 1 hr

Event Price: €10

Mindful Yoga Vinyasa Style

Class Description; Vinyasa Flow Style Class for all levels to leave you feeling refreshed and restored. The 60 minute class will take you on a journey through breath work (pranyama), mindful movement, and meditation. During this class you can expect a good stretch to release tension from the body. This is a vinyasa flow class, where we use our breath to connect each movement. This strengthens the mind-body-breath connection, which allows us to move out of our “thinking” brain and move in to our flowing body. We end the class with a guided relaxation and meditation, where our goal is to still the body and quieten the mind.

The class is suitable for all levels. Modifications will be offered, so you can tailor the class to suit your body and your practice. This flow is focused on you feeling good from the inside out.

What you need; props and mats will be available but we encourage you to bring your own water.