Pushing Limits Live Podcast

Event Day: Friday

Location: St Mary's Church

Event Provider: Pushing Limits


Event Time: Friday 7pm

Event Duration: 1.5 hr

Event Price: €5

Pushing Limits Live Podcast – Everest without Oxygen & 1000km of Chaos

The Pushing Limits Podcast is both excited and proud to be part of the Wander Wild Festival! In this live show Shane Finn sits down and speaks to good friend James McManus! James is the MD & Founder of Earths Edge, an award-winning travel & trekking company! James will be attempting to climb Mount Everest this season without supplemental oxygen! If he is successful he will be the first Irish person to do so! Join us on the evening to hear all about the preparations, the why behind the trip & much more!

Next Shane will explore the story of a local Irish Arctic Ultra runner, forced by Covid to train in ever shrinking circles, and stay ready to run in the world’s coldest and toughest Ultra Marathon, twice.

Kevin Leahy is an ultra runner. He races for long distances, for days on end. He is relatively new to the scene but has made his presence known. Amongst other top ten finishes, he was the fastest runner over the line in the coldest and toughest 100 mile race in the world, in Canada. They didn’t know who he was when he entered; they know exactly who he is now.

Kevin set himself a challenge to complete 1000kms of competitive running in 6 months. The pinnacle: The Montane Yukon Arctic Ultra, the 700km, big brother of the race he won in 2019. Temperatures can dip as low as – 50 °C, travelling on foot, dragging everything required behind him on a sled, day and night, suffering from sleep deprivation and hallucinations, hungry, cold and exhausted, the race poses a very real threat to his heath and his safety. And there is no prize money, or fame. Then Covid-19 happened, and that race was cancelled, along with pretty much every major running race in the world. So with 6 months of filming completed, 1000km of Chaos came to an bitter end with little hope in sight.

In 2021 the clock was reset. Starting with an exciting fastest known time attempt across the highest and hardest (un)known run in Ireland, The Iveragh Traverse. Culminating in 2 x 500Km Arctic Ultra Races in The Yukon and Swedish Lapland respectively, 3 weeks apart. With unique access to this crazy world, this is the story of what it takes, for an amateur Irish Ultra Runner, to keep the faith and the fitness, during a crisis; As the world shuts down, border by border, town by town.

Join us at the Wander Wild Festival.  Be intrigued and enthralled by the determination alone that it takes to take on this massive feat!