Common Questions

Where is the Wander Wild Festival being held?

It is being held in the town of Killarney; Killarney House & Gardens, Cinema Killarney, St. Marys Church of Ireland.

What is the Wander Wild Festival?

It is an outdoor festival; wander, unwind and discover the elements of Killarney through film, special guest speakers, adventures on the lakes and in the Killarney National Park.

Experience the kingdoms outdoor adventure capital of Ireland, Killarney.

When is the Wander Wild Festival?

March 27th, 28th & 29th 2020.

Are there free events?

Yes there are free events being run as part of the festival..check out the festival programme for all events.

Are there family events?

Yes there are family events; we will be updating the festival programme regularly with all events, including family events.

Where is Basecamp?

Basecamp is being held at Killarney Plaza Hotel

Where do I buy the Film tickets?

You can buy the film tickets directly from Cinema Killarney.

Where do I buy Speaker event tickets?

You can buy speaker event tickets directly from our website.

Who do I contact to become a Patron?

You can contact the festival directly on info@wanderwildfestival.com

How difficult will the organised walks be?

There will be walks and climbs to suit all levels of fitness and experience and details of these can be found by simply following the link on our walking page of the website.

When will we know what films are available?

Films will be announced once film submissions have closed films chosen.

How do I enter the photography competition?

You can enter our photography competition by following the instructions on the photography page on our website.

Where do I apply to book a time slot at the busking corner?

You can book this by emailing info@wanderwildfestival.com

Will there be activities for children?

Yes, we will have activities for children at Basecamp, walks, talks and films suitable for children as well as parents.