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Common Questions

Where is the Wander Wild Festival being held?

It is being held in the town of Killarney, St. Marys Church, Killarney House & Gardens, Killarney National Park & The MacGillicuddy’s Reeks.

What is the Wander Wild Festival?

It is an outdoor festival; wander, adventure, unwind and discover the elements of Killarney through, special guest speakers, adventures on the lakes and in Killarney National Park.

Experience the kingdom’s outdoor adventure capital of Ireland, Killarney.

When is the Wander Wild Festival?

March 22nd, 23th, 24th 2024

Are there free events?

Yes there are free events being run as part of the festival..check out the festival programme for all events.

Are there family events?

Yes, there are family events; we will be updating the festival programme regularly with all events, including family events.

Please check out our family events on the Weekend Schedule on our website.

Where is Basecamp?

Basecamp is being held at St. Mary’s Church of the Sloes, Kenmare Place Killarney V93 CD00.

Is there transport provided to the events-activities?

There is transport included in your ticket for most events that are being held outside the town.  **Please note that buses can depart 30mins to 1 hour before your event start time**.   Please check out our bus timetable here. Timetable

Where do I buy Speaker event tickets?

Tickets will be available directly from our website.

Who do I contact to become a Patron?

You can contact the festival directly on info@wanderwildfestival.com

How difficult will the organised walks be?

Each event on the website has a description and a level of difficulty.  If you are unsure, please ask a member of our team or call our helpine at Basecamp.

Will there be activities for children?

Yes, we have children’s activities and family-friendly activities.  We have individually ticketed events that you can find on our weekend schedule of events on our website.   Basecamp will also have a Children’s tent with activities throughout the day on Saturday and Sunday. €10 full-day pass.

Can we cancel our tickets?

Tickets can be canceled with a full refund up to 7 days in advance. No further refunds can be issued after that.

What do we have bring for the Mountain events?

Please check out your event on our website and all equipment needed is under the heading ‘What to Bring?’  Please bring everything despite what the weather looks like.  The weather can be very different in the mountains than it is on the ground here.

Are wetsuits provided for Kayaking events?

Yes, all equipment is provided for kayaking events. (You can wear a swimsuit underneath).

Do I just turn up at the event start time for my activity?

If you are taking part in activities that require preparation in advance, please arrive at the start point well in advance of the start time to prepare.

Are the time provided for mountain activities exact?

No, the start time is a specific start time for your event.  The finish time will vary depending on the weather, the pace of the group, and various other outside influences on the day.

I am not able to make a booking?

If you are unable to make a booking, it might be the case that your event is full.  You can always call our phone at Basecamp or email us to check if your event has availability. info@wanderwildfestival.com or 087 6437596.